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Wide Events to host music industry online exchange

Wide Events CIC, the host of Scotland’s Wide Days music convention, has announced an online exchange to connect Scottish, Mexican and Welsh musicians, and industry professionals.

The exchange will take place on 26 April, it will bring together 60 participants for a half-day, online event, which includes market presentations, low-speed meetings, matchmaking and artist introductions, and end with a quiz. It aims to connect a cross-section of music media, music industry and artists with the aim of developing collaborations, both remotely (e.g. licensing, media coverage, sync) and in-person collaborations (e.g. festivals, tours and song-writing camps).

Malfi Dorantes, director of MalfiCo, who is co-managing the project on behalf of La Roma Records, said:

“Mexico is a music powerhouse and Mexico City is one of the top streaming cities in the world (no.1 in 2019). We are returning to our pre-pandemic run of at least three international-based shows per week, so it is the perfect moment to strategize a bond with the Mexican industry, artists and audiences.”

The event takes place online on the 26th of April, from 16.00-20.00hrs BST. Musicians and music industry professionals, based in Mexico, Scotland or Wales, are invited to apply for a free place.

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