Album Review: Herbert Powell – Here In My Scheme, Here It Ends

herbert powell new album

Herbert Powell’s live shows in Glasgow were the stuff of legend. The homegrown four-piece built up a cult following in the city and further afield almost entirely on the basis of their gigs, before seemingly evaporating as an entity into their individual creative gaseous states without releasing an album.

Keiran Thomas (vocals, bass), ‘Romeo’ Taylor Stewart (drums), Kay Logan (guitar) and Billy Gaughan (guitar) have released various named recording projects under their own steam but a full HP album always seemed to be a missing jigsaw piece.

Here In My Scheme, Here It Ends is ten tracks of energetic, angular songs reminiscent of early Talking Heads with a hint of Zappa, late-era The Damned, and all the assured self-awareness that implies. Highlights ‘Velcro Dinner’ and ‘Birth Mask’ contain enough jangling exuberance married with skewed harmonic nuance to transport you back to a sticky-floored gig venue sometime in 2014.

Here In My Scheme, Here It Ends is out November 5th on Lost Map Records

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