Album Review: Lizabett Russo – While I Sit Here and Watch This Tree Volume 1

In a very different time and place, Lizabett’s music and vocals would probably be described as haunting, but right now, they’re soothing. Anything which evokes a return to nature and simpler times should be welcomed, and you should find this to be a record you can submerge yourself in.

It would be a mis-step to simply file this record in the folk section of your mind, not that it’s an insult, but there is more going on. The uplift in the second half of ‘Release’ couldn’t be described as jaunty, but it has a buoyancy that should place a smile on your face. For some people, there won’t be enough of a kick, and perhaps there is too much meandering. However, not all who meander or wander are lost, and you get the feeling Lizabett Russo knows exactly where she is going.

If you’ve got nowhere to go, go here.

While I Sit Here and Watch This Tree Volume 1 is released on 27th November via Last Night From Glasgow’s Hive imprint.

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