Single review: The Vegan Leather – Gloaming

‘Gloaming’ is a cracking return from Paisley art-poppers The Vegan Leather. The single, released the day before Halloween, moves listeners to a creepier version of the land often visited by the band, bearing a more outwardly dark vibe than previous material. It kicks off with synth sounds right out of John Carpenter’s playbook, before Marie Collins’ vocals entice listeners to a dark dreamscape.

‘Gloaming’ really makes moves into wildness – Collins, lead vocalist for this particular track, notes a link between this song and Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights, with a similar eerie atmosphere and the idea of being led away from your comfort and thrust into chaos.

With no clear release schedule for more new material, ‘Gloaming’ is an interesting stepping stone to the next chapter of The Vegan Leather’s sonic canon, with the band looking back to old ways of working to find a way forward. Check out the cracking video from digital artist Bovine, which hammers home the sense of threat and pushing through the unknown.

‘Gloaming’ is out now.

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