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Bethlehem Cultural Festival, Glasgow, 2nd – 4th December 2022

Bethlehem Cultural Festival is celebrating the arts and culture of Palestine, with live performances, dance, music, debates and discussions in London, Glasgow and Bethlehem. In Glasgow, there will be a weekend of live events from Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th December.

On 2nd December, there is an evening of spoken word featuring Palestinian writer Tasneim Zyada, Palestinian poet and translator Iyad Hayatleh, London-based artist Mo’min Swaitat and Glaswegian poet Victoria McNulty at the Ramshorn.

On 3rd December, Bethlehem Cultural Festival is holding its annual Carol service at Glasgow Cathedral with joint live-streaming of the lighting of the Christmas Trees in Manger Square, Bethlehem and Glasgow. In the Cathedral, the young Alrowwad dabka group will hold a special service that includes music, Christmas carols and readings. Also on 3rd December, at Glasgow’s Civic House, there is a late-night music event with up-and-coming artists from Palestine and the UK including Hiba, a Lebanese DJ and selector based in Edinburgh who uses club spaces as a platform for Southwest Asian and North African artists in a celebration of Arab culture, Zenobia, who incorporates rhythms and groovy electronic productions along with popular Syrian and Palestinian Dabke and in addition to Egyptian beats and atmosphere, and Mo’min Swaitat a London-based artist whose practice spans music, sound, performance, research, curating and film.

Finally, on 4th December Glasgow Film Theatre hosts screenings of Palestinian short films, co-curated by the Irish/Palestinian actress Sarah Agha and award-winning film-maker Wisam Aljafari from Bethlehem

Events in London will run from the 29th November to 9th December.

Festival creative director Melissa Scott says: “How many people know Bethlehem is a real place with a thriving cultural scene? Bethlehem will be on everyone’s lips as we approach Christmas but how much thought do we ever give to the people living there? This festival provides an exciting opportunity to discover Palestine and its neighbours through the cultural voices celebrating the wealth and depth of the region and linking them with artists here in the UK. An eclectic range of performances for audiences in London and Glasgow includes concerts, electronic music, dance, independent film, book launches as well as food and drink tastings.”

For tickets and more information visit: https://www.bethlehemculturalfestival.com/whats-on/whats-on-glasgow-2022/

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