Problems Every Student Faces And How to Deal


Problems Every Student Faces And How to Deal With Them..


You’ve just moved to a new city. You’ve checked your bank account. You’re totally skint and don’t yet have a job.

Solution: Thanks to social media, finding a student job has never been easier! Facebook now has a jobs feature. Simply type ‘jobs available near me’ into the search bar, and a list of opportunities in your local area will pop up. You can even make a CV on Facebook, which is quick and easy and takes less than five minutes.
If you’re applying for work on other websites and require a CV, and this is something you’re not confident about, most educational institutions offer employability classes that will help you put one together or spruce your old one up.

If you need extra cash while you’re between jobs, visit the finance department of your uni or college. You may be entitled to additional support in the form of loans or grants. You also might want to arrange in a student overdraft, these are often free of charge to use while you are studying. Be careful not to overextend yourself and keep in mind that anything you borrow will need to be paid back at some point, it’s not free money.


You’ve worked too hard, partied too hard. Whatever the reason, you have a 2000- word essay due in about 12 hours and have approximately nae chance of getting it done.

Solution: Talk to your tutor and explain the situation. As long as missing deadlines isn’t something you make a habit of, they are going to understand, and can probably offer advice about how to manage your time better.

The last thing you want to do is rush to get the work finished and hand in sub-par work. Speak to your tutor, get the breathing space you need and use the additional time wisely.

If doing work at home is something you struggle with thanks to distractions (looking at you Netflix), try staying behind after classes to get work done at uni, or find a wee coffee shop to go to and crack on with work.




You don’t know how to work the washing machine…
Solution: Or the oven, or the iron, and about a million and one other home appliances. Hate to say it, but swallow yer pride and phone your folks. They will smugly explain how to operate all the above appliances, and point out you never listened when they tried to teach you these life skills before.


You lost count of how many £1 shots you drank the night before, you think you’re dying, and are debating whether to call the ambulance or your folks.

Solution: Shower! Go for a run or a walk. Walking will clear your head and is reliably proven to be amazing for your mental wellbeing. Drink loads of water. Then Utilise Uber Eats, who will deliver scran and fizzy juice right to your doorstep. Crawl under your duvet and stick a Louis Theroux doc on Netflix. Repeat as necessary.


You hate your course and think you made a mistake.

Firstly, don’t keep your feelings to yourself.
Communication, like with most things in life, is key. Chat to your tutors, guidance person, or parents about how you feel. Do it soon, don’t delay and leave it hanging over your head for weeks or months. They can give you support towards finding the best choice for you. Lots of people drop out of their chosen course, then go on to find a course or job that works better for them. While dropping out is not something you should make a snap decision about, it doesn’t make you a failure either.

Your own happiness and wellbeing should always be a priority, so don’t blindly stick at something to keep someone else happy.

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