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Moving Out

SNACK student moving out

So, you’ve finally moved into halls, or if you’re lucky you and your mates have bagged your own place.

At first glance, moving out of your parents’ place seemed like a great idea. But you’ve just paid your deposit and first month’s rent and now have approximately the cost of two pints left in your bank account, and your kitchen looks like an absolute bomb scare.

You’re beginning to wonder if living under mum’s roof, under her rules, was really such a bad thing…

Don’t worry, moving out is the first of many crises you will face as a student. We spoke to fellow students who shared experiences and tips for flying the nest.

SNACK student moving outCleaning

Let’s be real, nobody is expecting you to be a Mrs Hinch-type domestic goddess. Pretty much every student gaff is a bit grotty. However, you will want to keep up with some basic cleaning.

‘Do your dishes and pans!’ journalism student Eric offers. ‘On my first flat away from home we went on Christmas break and left everything dirty. We came back to find a dead rat in a pan. A truly gruesome sight for after the holidays. That drowned rat symbolized what being 18 felt like.’

Visit your local pound store or Aldi to stock up on cleaning supplies without breaking the bank!


To have afforded moving out of home, you’re likely going to have flatmates. If you’re living in halls, these flatmates are probably going to be strangers. In a utopian world, you and your flatmates are going to get along like you’re all in some American sitcom. Sadly, that’s unrealistic.

Jay, who lives with three flatmates, offered the following advice:
‘Having a group chat with your flatmates is great because it helps organise things like cleaning rotas. Of course, living with other people means there are always going to be personality clashes, and you will have to make compromises. But the way I see it, you have to live with these people and it’s a better environment for everyone if you all get along. We also use our group chat to arrange fun things such as film nights.’

SNACK student moving outDécor

A trip to IKEA is a rite of passage for any student moving into their first home. Top tip: drag your ass to IKEA early. The full breakfast is fab and costs pennies! Also keep in mind that there are plenty of bartering groups on social media where people are looking to make space for new furnishings and will happily exchange their lovely but ancient sideboard or rug for a few tins of chopped tomatoes or a bottle of wine.

Second year student, Dan, has some advice, ‘Charity shops are a great option when looking to decorate your flat. You can find cheap essentials, but also quirky pieces that add personality to your house.’

Note: Collecting your empty beer and cider tins and arranging them into a weird shrine is not acceptable home decor in the long term.

Some items you might want to include in your new home include:

– A lamp – to create an ambiance. Salt lamps give off a gentle relaxing glow, and research suggests they improve sleep.

– House plants – guaranteed to liven up any home. Keep them alive for bonus points and a sense of enormous well-being.

– Stovetop espresso maker- these can be picked up for pennies second hand. And trust me, you’re gonna want real coffee after a mad night out, or for when you’re studying.

There’s no denying that being chucked into adulting is overwhelming as hell. It’s OK not to have it all figured out. Learn as you go, and most importantly, have fun with your newpfound freedom!

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