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EP Review – Harebrained By Erin Hephzibah

‘Do you enjoy destroying dandelions? I hope the wind has swept your wishes away,’ sings Erin Hephzibah in a strong, commanding voice on ‘Destroying Dandelions’, the opener of her debut EP, Harebrained. The stark, cautionary tone of the lyrics is reflected in the stirring resonance of the music.

Fluid, inky electric guitar ripples out over the sparkling acoustic backdrop, oozing wisdom and authority.

Even on the sunny second track, ‘Raggedy Ann’, there’s a folkloric gravitas to the Glasgow singer’s vocals, overshadowing the bubbling keyboard and tingling acoustic guitar.

Her most impressive performance, however, is on the last of the trio, ‘Year Walking’. Opening with a wash of eerie, imprecise noises, the track is a soaring, haunting, alt-rock ballad draped in shining sheets of electric guitar. Saving her full staggering vocal talent for the final rapturous chorus, Hephzibah finishes her first EP holding nothing back.

Harebrained is out now 

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