EP Review: Loup Havenith – Big

Album Cover for New EP Loup Havenith

Tomato soup on a damp day. Your favourite pair of denims. Your sworn enemy making a fool of themselves.

Some things are timeless and will always put a smile on your face. We all love to hear the next big thing in music, but equally, we love to hear music that is instantly familiar, even on first listen. Big doesn’t know whether it’s a lengthy EP or a short album, but it is certain about everything else. Songs like ‘Big’, ‘True Love Gone’ and ‘Heaven’ are effortlessly likable, breezing by with a yearning vocal style recalling Elliott Smith.

At times you think the release would benefit by being littered with the guitar fills and runs that bookend the collection of songs, but on reflection, less is definitely more. Loup Havenith pitches the mood and tone of the record nicely, and it’s well-paced and spaced to allow for repeated listens.

Big was released on 1st October on Heavenly Creature Records.

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