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Single Review – Dogma by Wine Moms

I remember the first time I saw Wine Moms play – I saw their name on the bill at King Tuts, and having not heard of them, figured it would be a quirky indie folk thing, complete with twee lyrics and ukuleles. I was completely wrong and I was not prepared. I felt a similar way about their latest single, ‘Dogma’.

It starts with a lone, almost tame, guitar riff, but you can feel what’s coming; it’s just setting the tone. The rhythm section sets off, bursting into the band’s signature grunge-punk sound.

The ferocious, snarled delivery matches the energy and flow of the song, which constantly chops and changes, keeping things catchy but not repetitive.

The breakdown comes in with overlapping vocals vying for your attention, each dominating the sound in their own way. The music starts to fade out before that familiar intro riff comes back in: the pounding kick drum, one last chorus. Wine Moms aren’t done yet.

‘Dogma’ is out now

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