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EP Review: Raveloe – Notes and Dreams

Notes and Dreams by Raveloe won’t be for everyday listening; nor is it for every mood. However, at the right time, and in the right light, this EP will carry you away. It has the feel of a collection that can lift you when required, and also one that will sit with you while the world idles by.

We had music like this before the pandemic, and we’ll have it in the future too, but right now, a great set of songs is as vital as water, warmth and the ability to shut your mind off. Kim Grant’s vocals are endearing, insistent, but never overpowering. The music is sweet, strong and continually pushing forward, way beyond folk music.

If you ever need to quickly prove your quality and trustworthiness to someone, stick an Olive Grove label on your arm, and that’ll speak for you. Raveloe lives up to those lofty expectations.

Notes and Dreams is released on 12th February on Olive Grove Records

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