Single review: Lemon Drink – Demon Child

It’s perhaps fortunate that we’re currently living in an era where time is virtually meaningless, because ‘Demon Child’ by Lemon Drink harks back to a simpler age. A time when bands dropped simmering singles and moved on quickly to something else.

Of course, when done well, this sort of music is timeless, and there is a pleasing blend of naïve charm mixed with a more telling delivery. A full album of this pace and bludgeoning style might be too much, but for a slice of psych-pop, there’s enough to like to return to the song.

There’s not too much going on in terms of diversity, but what is here is likeable and enjoyable. If you yearn for more songs to have a stomping personality and spiky undertones, your luck is in.

If you dare to dream, it’s likely to sound great live.

‘Demon Child’ is released on 12th February via Last Night From Glasgow

Photo credit: Phil Dunsmore

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