EP Review: RYLAH – Running in the Dark

RYLAH might be a new name to you, but they’re likely to be more familiar than you think. The Running In The Dark EP delivers three songs that place them neatly into the edgy-yet-cool electronic pile.

The EP’s title track is the star, a smashing example of the sound which creators of synth-y electro-pop bangers should aspire to. The lead vocals excel and the instrumentation drops out selectively, playing to the group’s strengths. Musically, it’s solid, and worth repeated plays.

You might have been familiar with Neon Seas, who made modest waves across the Central Belt. The latter two songs on the EP were previously available under their former moniker, offering a bridge between old and new.

‘Atmosphere’ features cheery and bold riffs, while ‘Dead Cells’ has the darker edge its name requires and deserves. Are we still doing ‘sound of the summer’ comments, or has Limmy killed that? Either way, check this out.

Running In The Dark was released on 30th April

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