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EP Review: Spyres – Dear Diary

With Dear Diary, Spyres are the band for those who have smashed their phone off a wall but can laugh about it now.

The four-track EP is a short collection of melodic music with a bit of bite. Opener ‘Lost Without You’ is the obvious lead. ‘Honestly’ is slightly less sweet but just as laden with kicks. Closer ‘Hated You First’ has the overdramatic flourish its title deserves. 

The clanging and spiky ‘Test’ is the EP’s punkiest number, sure to spark a riot during live shows. Every song has a dash of spirit and anger, but it’s here that dislike boils over into fury, and frankly, musically, that’s always a welcome situation.

The collection is clean and poppy, smiling while dealing with angst, creating a sonic style suited to bigger things. Right now, we all need a bit of escapism, and Dear Diary is a mini-soundtrack fit for TV, films, or if you’re a little bit dramatic, your day-to-day life.

Dear Diary is out now on LAB Records

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