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Film Review – Our Ladies

SNACK at The Glasgow Film Festival 2020

Our Ladies

This beautifully and proudly Scottish drama from writer-director Michael Caton-Jones takes us back to the whirlwind days of the 1990s. When an especially tight-knit group of friends at an all-girls Catholic school get the chance to visit Edinburgh for a choir competition, they use it as a chance to drink, party and hook up.

A film like this rises and falls on the strengths of its cast and luckily this fittingly wild, full-of-life adaptation of Alan Warner’s 1998 novel The Sopranos has acting charm and believable camaraderie to spare; stand-outs include Tallulah Greive as wide-eyed cancer survivor Orla and Marli Siu as spirited rock singer Kylah. Not afraid to be foul-mouthed and abrasive, nor sentimental and philosophical when it needs to be, the film has a vein of truth running throughout as it paints a convincing portrait of female friendship and the idea of sticking two fingers up to what we feel outside forces have in mind for our future.

Our Ladies is in cinemas from April 24th.

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