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YUCK Circus – Fringe Review

A soundtrack of fierce female voices played as the audience took their seats inside the Palais Du Variété; all tastes were covered from Beyonce to Joan Jett. When the lights finally dimmed, we were raring to go, and the ladies of YUCK did not disappoint. Appearing with drawn-on handlebar moustaches and more than a little bulge at the front of their shorts, they played at ‘bro’s’, chest-bumping, high-fiving and flexing their muscles. This tongue-in-cheek display is a little dig at what the rest of us see when confronted with absurd shows of intense masculinity. I had planned on making many a note and taking plenty of snaps but nuht, I was just far too into the show to bother with any of that.

Each member of the troupe shone with their individual talents, which were plentiful – everything from aerial acrobatics to a most impressive display of Nutella eating (trust me, it’s amazing!). These fearless femmes assaulted my funny bones to the point I may have terrified the two young gentlemen I found myself sitting next to. 

Ever texted your ex after consuming a box of wine? Eaten your way to semi-happiness? Riffed on your guitar after a string of failed romances? YUCK have and these familiar confessionals, these moments of feeling weak serve to up the wow-factor of the amazing feats they perform; telling the world that moments of fragility (and being downright mortified) do not define us. If you don’t leave the show feeling like you could kick through a wall whilst bleeding profusely, then you weren’t paying attention. Side note: you will also refer to tampons as ‘vampire teabags’ after watching YUCK. You’re welcome.

YUCK Circus is at Assembly George Square Gardens in the Palais Du Variété till 28th August

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