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Gig review: Poster Paints @ Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, Glasgow (17th May 2022)

Not arriving in time to see support act Lemon Drink was a disappointment, and it also meant it was likely to be a short evening down the Nice ‘n’ Sleazy basement.

Of course, quantity isn’t a concern when the quality is present, and even with just a handful of live performances, Poster Paints showed they have more than enough talent to make people pay attention.

From Carla (J Easton’s) social media feed, her Teen Canteen bandmates were all in attendance, a brilliant feature of gigs these days. Catching up with old friends and seeing familiar faces is a bonus which elevates any night. You wouldn’t go as far to say it was a pleasure to revisit the Sleazy’s toilets, but everything else which facilitated a touch with the past was pleasing.

Teen Canteen were great, and they’re still enjoyable to listen to. ‘Honey’ and ‘You’re Still Mine’ are still mesmerising slices of pop fun, but with Poster Paints, Carla has moved on. The 60s girl group sheen is still present, but there are other edges. An 80s polish here, a post-rock vibe there, and you have an act that should be on people’s radars. It’s always good to move forward, though, and there is a positive future for Poster Paints.

Previously released singles ‘Number 1’ and ‘Never Saw It Coming’ featured, both bigger and louder live than on your streaming device.

The presence of Simon Liddell (Frightened Rabbits and Olympic Swimmers) is a massive factor in the songs. As you’d expect, there’s a harder edge than what we’ve seen from Carla before, opening a new path for both artists. As they say themselves, ‘the new normal’ presented fresh ways to make art, and it’s great to see something new work so well.

This is also true for the live band, featuring Kim Grant, AKA Raveloe, Suse Bear on bass and Calum Muir on drums. As the songs switch from style to style, pace and tempo shifted throughout; there was never a moment where the backing was anything less than pristine. Also, it appears as though Carla absolutely batters tambourines, which is handy to know.

There was also a special guest, Man of The Minch, Pedro Cameron. There was an awful lot packed in for a short set, meaning there was something for everyone.

There’s still swooning pop for long-time followers and even silly love songs. Of course, what’s wrong with that? I’d like to know… but a Poster Paints show offers much more. It was great to be back in Sleazy’s, but this band will likely be upgrading venues soon.

The set closed with a charming cover of The Lemonheads ‘Into Your Arms’. The second last song of the night would have been a far more epic way to end, ushering the audience away with pushed out chests and pumped-up dreams. As it was, we floated lightly away, back to the grey and neon mixture of modern-day Sauchiehall Street.

By the time you read this, there’s a good chance there will be big news and new tunes to hear from Poster Paints. Let’s hope this momentum pushes the band on and that there’s much more to see and hear this summer.

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