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Interview: Anna Piper Scott (Such an Inspiration) on her being a comedian in an industry that doesn’t like Trans people & seeking humour in trauma

Australian Comedian Anna Piper Scott is bringing her sharp wit to Edinburgh for the first time with her new highly-acclaimed stand-up show, Such an Inspiration. SNACK caught up with Anna to talk about performing for a UK crowd, who she’s going to see at the fringe and what’s next.

Photo credit: Georgie Jefford

Can you give us a little of what we might expect from Such an Inspiration?

I’m never good at describing this show! It is a standup comedy about being Trans, and also about being a comedian when you’re in an industry that doesn’t like Trans people. It’s about how to do comedy without becoming a punchline. I’ve been describing it recently as the only stand-up comedy show that is equally inspired by Hannah Gadsby and Dave Chappelle.

Your first show Queer and Present Danger, explored some pretty dark stuff. Have you always sought out the humour in the trauma?

I think every comedian does at a certain point, right? I don’t know who originally said this but ‘stand-up comedians are people who were bullied as kids and decided to take control of the jokes.’ Before I transitioned, my comedy was a lot lighter but I wasn’t really saying anything. I talked about suicide in the previous show, and in this one I talk about an abusive relationship, so I’ve made a promise to myself that my next show isn’t allowed to have a content warning!

As this is your first time performing outside of Australia, do you ever worry that some of the material won’t translate outside of home turf?

It’s definitely something I think about, but I think to a certain extent, people want local flavour. I don’t think anyone’s coming to see an Australian comedian and gonna be like ‘Ugh, she’s mentioned Australia again, she’s never gonna shut up about this is she?’

What are your plans after Edinburgh?

I am doing a play at Melbourne Fringe, an original that I’ve written, can’t say too much about it right now, but it’s a very spicy play about TERFs.

Anna Piper Scott: Such an Inspiration will be performed at House of Oz 4th till 8th, till 13th, 15th till 20th & 22nd till 27th August. Tickets here.

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