Live review: Beabadoobee – The Liquid Room, Edinburgh – 3rd October 2021

‘We’d be better together’ – Beabadoobee: ‘Together’

During her Sunday night performance at The Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Beabadoobee proved how true this phrase is. Centre stage, Bea was a Westwood-style punk vision clad in tartan, big boots, and an electric guitar, exuding confidence. Bathed in a smoky haze of blues, teal, and fuchsia; it was a beautiful dream.

In support of her Dirty Hit debut album ‘Fake it Flowers’, a setlist composed of acoustic guitar and angelic vocals in classics ‘Tired’ and ‘Coffee’ was paired with the never before played live, Edinburgh exclusive, ‘Back To Mars’ (because they love Scotland so much). The sold-out venue was packed full of highly fashionable concertgoers (seriously, where did they all get their outfits?) who knew every word, screamed at the top of their lungs, and truly lost their shit to each song. It is safe to say, there wasn’t a moment where the crowd (myself included) weren’t bouncing and bopping along, from the pit to the balcony.

Words and photos by Hope Holmes

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