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Summer Moon by There Will Be Fireworks

Album Review

There’s a sense of Glasgow/central belt musical heritage in There Will Be Fireworks that far surpasses their new album’s nods and references to Teenage Fanclub and the Blue Nile. The style of Summer Moon, the band’s third record and first in a decade, is instantly familiar to those who know the local scene. It’s moody and introspective; while some might consider it miserable, it’s more apt to focus on the moments of genius. Who doesn’t enjoy an act that explodes into life, wringing emotions from every note, and tapping into your soul or thoughts without saying a word?

For those familiar with the band, there’s a lot more of the same, albeit with noticeable changes. Who hasn’t changed in the past decade? If someone hasn’t grown wearier and more tired during this time, they shouldn’t be trusted. For all that, though, it’s a mature record, carrying all the vital signs of life, and a life lived in trying times.

For an act that revels in moving at a glacial pace, ‘Something Borrowed’ is positively giddy, moving with an upbeat rhythm, matched with melodies and guitar riffs. Overall, Summer Moon packs a punch, and while it might leave you reeling, you’ll be back for more.

Summer Moon is out now

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