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Maisie Peters sees first charting single with ‘John Hughes Movie’

Maisie Peters John Hughes movie

Brighton native Maisie Peters saw the first big milestone when her newest single ‘John Hughes Movie’ made it into the UK’s Big Top 40 singles chart show, her first charting single so far.

The song reached number 29 on streams and downloads alone. It’s a time of celebration for the 20 year-old singer who has seen a bit of success since signing with and releasing two via EPs Atlantic Records UK in 2018. Tracks such as ‘Feels Like This’ and ‘Favourite Ex’ were played as part of the 2018 summer edition of ITV’s Love Island and she has amassed around 82 million streams on Spotify with 2018 radio hit ‘Worst of You”, which until now was her most successful song.

Peters also had her song ‘Smile’ feature on the Birds of Prey film soundtrack in early 2020. At this time it was announced that she would be the support act for singer Niall Horan’s upcoming tour – this was put on hold due to the current pandemic.

‘John Hughes Movie’ is a fun, heartbreak pop song about falling for someone who you have high expectations of, but they turn out to not be the person you thought they were, or who you wanted them to be. The theme of realising love isn’t like it is in the movies, is something many of us can relate to. It’s a powerful response to a common problem and mindset.

We hear Peters sing lyrics such as ‘I keep waiting for the heartbreak music / That’s never gonna come’ and ‘Cause this ain’t no John Hughes movie / Where the girl gets the guy’. When it comes to love, especially in this era where media is constant and exploitatively personal, it’s no bad thing to be reminded that most stories aren’t graced with happy endings, and that’s ok.

‘John Hughes Movie’ is available to stream everywhere now

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