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MEAT – Fringe Review

MEAT is a raw, reflective and touching seriocomic piece of spoken word theatre. Following ‘A Girl’, (played by the incredible Elle Dillon-Reams) from her childhood into her thirties. It explores the joys and struggles of the female experience and the skewed definition society places on the idea of womanhood. Dillon-Reams from the start of the show created a safe space for the audience to take in and experience a vast range of emotions. 

MEAT tackles discomfort head-on and rightfully starts with a trigger warning, exploring themes through dance, cabaret and spoken word. Dillon-Reams leaves no stone unturned. Throughout the performance, I heard everything from gasps, to laughter, and sobs. 

Watching this through the eyes of a man, it broadened my obviously limited perspective on what it is to be a woman, and the stark contrast in socialisation and cultural treatment both genders experience. It was a challenging yet life-affirming piece that raised questions long after leaving the theatre and is, as Dillon-Reams describes it herself, ‘Work that leaves audiences with hope. My art is activism, my art is an antidote to the hopeless.’

This sentiment rings true with MEAT expertly exploring vast political issues using a deeply personal lens. A five-star show and one of the highlights of the 2023 Fringe.

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