Review: Dot Allison – Heart-shaped Scars

Heart-Shaped Scars might be Dot Allison’s first record in more than a decade, but it’s right on time. If the pace of the digital world drags you down, here’s an antidote.

Fragility and robustness go hand-in-hand here, blending together, leaving you unsure which is which. ‘Constellations’, ‘Can You Hear Nature Sing’ and ‘Cue The Tears’ are immediate highlights, but the record unfolds over repeated listens.

Allison has expanded her horizons with new instruments, nature sounds and an army of talented musicians, but she retains one of the strongest tools any professional has in their arsenal; a stunning voice. From opener ‘Long Exposure’ to ‘Goodbye’, Allison weaves, floats and soars in a way she has always managed to.

Absence might make the heart grow fonder, but it’s comforting to know it doesn’t diminish the vocal cords. It’s time to let the outside in. And while you’re up, tell the world that Dot’s back.

Heart-Shaped Scars is released 30th July on SA Recordings

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