Music Video Premiere: Ariane Mamon – Dangerous Trees

We’re delighted to present the first play of the brilliant new video for Ariane Mamon’s ‘Dangerous Trees’.

Ariane Mamon is a French-American jazz vocalist, composer, and performance artist, whose music is highly influenced by Esperanza Spalding, and Björk.

Born in Paris, Ariane then later moved to Boston to study jazz vocals at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. Fusing her mastery of the voice and skill for improvisation and composition, she creates unique ethereal and electrifying wordless jazz compositions, where she extends her voice as a melodic instrument.

Ariane says that the video was an incredible lesson in artistic resilience, and her first official project as a choreographer and dancer – in addition to being the composer, vocalist, arranger, and bandleader.

‘Dangerous Trees’ is a wordless piece. Ariane says: ‘it’s a celebration of trees, (of the otherworldly, almost fear-inspiring quality of the tallest trees), through the integration of jazz music, improvisation, and sacred wilderness; while embodying the creative spirit through dance.’

Ariane teamed up with one of Glasgow’s most upcoming videographers and his choreography assistant; the video was shot both in a Glasgow dance studio and in the forest outside the city.

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