Music Premiere: Shimmer by Sunstinger

You know all those things you promised you were going to do in life. Be a better person, phone your mum and check out new bands before they’re playing in venues that are too expensive and hold too many people; now is the ideal time to do so.

Okay, we’re not too sure when venues are going to open again, but if anything, that makes an even more compelling argument to listen to new music and fall in love with bands. At SNACK, we’re always on the lookout for something new, and we’re delighted to share with you the premiere of ‘Shimmer’, the new single by Sunstinger.

Rather than us spending a lot of time talking about the song, just play it and listen for yourself. If you need persuading, it’s a shimmering number with classic-indie overtones and a big chorus, but you’ll hear all this and more.



The group consists of members from acts such as Sergeant, Armoury and Foreignfox members, so you know they’ve got a strong pedigree in the Scottish music circuit. We look forward to hearing more from them over the rest of the year.

We’d usually use this space to talk about upcoming live shows and implore you get out of the house, but you know, staying in is the new going out. Load up on tunes and tell your friends. You can check out Sunstinger on Facebook and on their Instagram page. If you are on Spotify, you can find Sunstinger here.


Shimmer is released on 20th March, and is an independent release.

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