Music Video Premiere: SubKonsious – Blessings

SNACK is proud to present the premiere of Glasgow rapper SubKonsious AKA Andy Jamieson’s long-awaited single ‘Blessings’.

The track was written and recorded in 2019 but lockdown prevented filming for the video from taking place until May 2021 (Subz wanted to wait for the video before releasing the track).

Written and directed by Glasgow director and editor Tim Currie, who directed Subz’ first video for his track ‘Lost‘ last year, the concept for the video centres around Subkonsious mourning the past version of himself, having to say goodbye to an old part of his life after losing his fellow Deadsoundz rapper and best friend Lumo to suicide in 2018.

‘It was the death of Andy Jamieson and the birth of a whole new version of myself.’


The song deals with Andy’s mental health struggles in the years since that happened and how it affected his rap crew and friendship group.

‘When Lumo died we realised Lumo was the glue that held that crew together. We all went in different directions after that. I realised the way I was living my life wasn’t in my best interests, and I had to make things better for myself.

I had to concentrate on myself because Lumo told me I had to take care of myself. And better music would result’.

After Lumo passed, he didn’t know if he could make music anymore. But he promised his friend he’d never quit rapping, so he continued – and this track is the result.


The video stars rising Glasgow director and actor James Price (who Tim also worked with on a music video for Sopranos star Michael Imperioli’s band Zopa).

It was shot in Glasgow’s Assumption Studios – a converted Catholic church, fitting for the themes of the video. The video was produced by Tim’s sister Hannah Currie, a BAFTA-winning documentary filmmaker whose first film Lumo: Too Young To Die told the story of Lumo’s life and death, and featured Andy and his fellow Deadsoundz crewmates. 

‘Blessings’ will be available on all digital streaming platforms including Spotify and iTunes from 7th August. 

Watch the video below.

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