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Raveloe at Celtic Connections (Hug & Pint) Live Review

Raveloe: 19th January at Glasgow’s Hug & Pint

The first Friday of Celtic Connections 2024 held many charms, but none more appealing than the cosy confines of The Hug & Pint. Quincey May Brown’s performance shone with measured intelligence, witty one-liners and a captivating mix of harp and sax. Her November 2023 album, Basic Surgeon, remains worthy of exploration.

Then came Raveloe, starting her headline show headlining with the atmospheric album opener ‘Countertop.’ Live, the song took on an edgier tone, yet presenting an immediate link to her Celtic Connections support slot in 2023. Jill O’Sullivan added a touch of foreboding magic to ‘The Chair Is Nowhere,’ bringing an unsettling edge, which keeps you on your toes. While the show was a sort-of album launch in Glasgow for Raveloe, it wasn’t just about the new album; established tunes like ‘Catkins’ and a captivating new piano-led track kept the vibe fresh.

In the heart of Glasgow’s miserable January, established favourites like ‘Jeans Hill’ and ‘Old Lessons’ warmed the audience. Exit Light proved a consistent album, mirrored by the band’s tight performance in the intimate venue. Raveloe’s musical prowess, like her weaving skills, seamlessly moved through melodies and soaring guitar lines, leaving this writer and no doubt many others eager for more in the year ahead.


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