Single review: Felix and The Sunsets – This Will Change

‘This Will Change’ is the newest single from the Edinburgh based alt-rock group Felix and the Sunsets. Reflective and hopeful, the track is ‘a celebration of the Black Lives Matter movement and the sea of people who marched for an end to systemic racism’, following the murder of George Floyd last summer.

‘This Will Change’ embraces down to earth song-writing musicianship through poetic lyrics delivered by unique soft vocal harmonies. The track’s thoughtful positivity is strengthened by fun samba rhythms using afrobeat inspired percussion. The climatic Santana-inspired guitar solo is brilliantly delivered and foresees the fresh talent emerging from this upcoming Scottish band.

All proceeds from the track are being donated to Intercultural Youth Scotland, who do outstanding work to support young people who face multiple barriers to success.

Felix and the Sunsets’ kind-hearted movements are reflected into their music making and sound, making them all the more enjoyable to listen to.

‘This Will Change’ is out now

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