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Single review: Jigsawtiger – Bones

Backing vocals of this nature haven’t been launched at us so unexpectedly since KT Tunstall jammed similar ‘woo-hoos’ into our ears on ‘Black Horse & The Cherry Tree’. The difference being, Jigsawtiger welds them to a darker, more progressive backing. It creates a song which is less commercial, but which is a lot more compelling. In many ways, the vocals would be enough to carry a song or two, Jigsawtiger has a good range, and the delivery is spot on. As a performer and producer, she’s able to veer off in a darker, more unsettling and slightly trippy manner. The way technology has helped new and emerging artists to debut in such a strong manner is impressive, but underneath it all, it’s the songs that matter.

As a standalone track, ‘Bones’ is more than enough to whet your appetite for what should come next from this fresh Glasgow talent.

‘Bones’ is out now

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