Single review: Madison Fiorenza ‘Fever Dream’

Just because something seems instantly familiar, it doesn’t mean it offers nothing new. A touch of musical nostalgia is often welcome. There are a few nods to ‘Seven Nation Army’ here, but not the section you would expect. Which will please or disappoint you accordingly, but that instantly recognisable element helps the rest of the song step into your consciousness.

It’s a brooding little number, and it’s achingly cool. Fiorenza’s soft-yet-heavy vocals hint at a jaded persona, slightly bored with these times. Aren’t we all? The music backing neatly underplays the vocals, stabbing intermittently through, jolting you to a more receptive state. You want a debut single to introduce the artist, hint at promise to come, but hold enough in store to ensure you can be surprised at a later date.

‘Fever Dream’ is a pleasant listen, but I’ve a niggling feeling there is more to come from Madison.

‘Fever Dream’ is out now on Electric Eye.

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