Single review: Poster Paints – Number 1

A collaboration between Carla J Easton and Simon Liddell (Frightened Rabbit, Olympic Swimmers)? Count us in. When the team-up results in a track that sounds like 80s scuzz-pop doing its best 60s girl band impression, doubly so. The pair, introduced by mutual friend Eugene Kelly of The Vaselines, crafted the song in the, now common, separate home studios and email back-and-forth way – though you’d never guess it if they’d never told us.

With Jonny Scott (CHVRCHES) on drums and Suse Bear (Tuff Love, Good Dog) on bass, you couldn’t really ask for more. Ok, you want more? How about lines like, ‘Cause kids are so naive, I wear my heart on my sleeve’?

An instant Scottish pop classic.

‘Number 1’ is out from 10th May on Olive Grove Records

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