Single Review: Quiche – Hor-Cha

In a sharp departure from the psychedelic infused textures of their previous releases, Quiche’s new single explores a faster paced sound – almost punk but not quite stripped back enough to easily fit. In just two minutes and forty-five seconds Quiche set out to cover a lot of ground, both lyrically and musically.

From a lyrical point of view the song explores youth culture’s many facets, including confusing romantic encounters, friendships, and drug use. It’s a celebration of these experiences, yet remains critical of those who overly try to follow the crowd. The song’s lyrical span of interconnected yet separate topics is reflected in the somewhat ambiguous mix of punk, grunge and rock – it even blends into moments of atonality. The result is a sound in flux, a sound that is unsure of itself. ‘Hor-Cha’ is a bold new single which demonstrates potential that has not quite yet been reached.

‘Hor-Cha’ is out now.

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