Single Review: DRIFT – The Isle of, pt.2

DRIFT are back with their lush new single, ‘The Isle of, pt.2’, exploring the traps of self doubt and finding strength from the comfort of friendship. The titular isle is Arran, where the duo played a gig with friends The Vegan Leather last year, but the strobing synth pattern and muted bass pad are closer to Ibiza than Brodick.

It’s producer Andrew Quinn’s first time taking the reins on vocals and the interplay between his earnest tone and Linzi’s lighter touch falsetto is a welcome innovation. When the pair harmonise they deliver a bittersweet energy, creating an easy listening, utterly chill vibe.

Quinn’s vocals are raw and honest, his lyrics express self doubt, balancing resignation with finding hope through tough times: I don’t really know what I want from this / I’m hoping for happiness / But I was up for whatever / I thought my ship had sailed. Any trepidation is banished as the song concludes in harmony: And I’ll return to the Isle of once again / This time I’ll be doing it with my friends.

A singles band, thus far, this latest tune shows them stretching their legs into more atmospheric territory with something approaching the tone of The XX with the tender emotional openness of Low Roar. DRIFT are just starting out and, already having some great tracks behind them, it is exciting to see what they’ll do next. 

The Isle of, pt.2′ is out now

Main image credit: Marie Collins

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