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Single Review – Winter Baby by Bottle Rockets

A deserving winner at the 2023 SAMAs, Bottle Rockets are back with ‘Winter Baby’, and it’s great to see they’re still on their sky-splitting trajectory.

After three releases last year, including the vibrant ‘Community Service’, things are a bit darker as we roll through 2024. For a tune that carries such a melancholic and reflective feel, it still manages to pack in a punch-the-air vibe that lifts you involuntarily out of your seat.

There’s no denying murky, shoegaze-y and blissful music is having a moment these days, and it works best when the vocals glide and pull you in. Kenzi Murray’s vocals are the entry point, but you’ll find yourself rooting around amongst the bass and choppy guitar lines for days to come.

With a King Tuts gig in April, this is the opportune moment, and tune, to familiarise yourself with what Bottle Rockets have to offer.

‘Winter Baby’ is out now

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