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EP Review: Shears – Mind in Decline

shears new ep mind in decline

What constitutes good pop music should always be on the move, but equally, it should always be set in stone. The best pop music tells tales of everyday life, love and heartache, instantly making the listener feel as though the singer is in their shoes. The best songs also have the finest singers bringing these ‘feels’ to life.

The Mind In Decline EP has a title that hints at darker times, but isn’t that where the best moments of creativity bound from? Shears is on fire here, ticking off all the expected boxes, but wrapping it up in a cool and bouncing electro style that is so 2021 that it cannot be found on the shelves of your local store!

‘Pick Me Up’ sparkles with purpose, ‘Afterthought’ brings the cool and darker edge, while ‘Face’ brings the collection to a potent close, bordering on banger territory with uplifting singalong backing vocals. 

Mind In Decline is released on 27th October

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