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SNACK Bits – Scotland’s Essential New Music (October 2023)

October and the trees are stripped bare of all they wear.

If you’re like us, you need every excuse to avoid the news and the real world in general, so SNACK Bits is back, and we’ve got music for you. Lots of it: don’t turn your TV on. Read this and then listen to songs.

Those of you already hip to the beguiling ways of Megan Black will be familiar with ‘Mother.Sister.Lover’ and ‘Just For Fun’, both tracks hugely enjoyed by the team in the past year. So, it’s ‘Fuck You’ and ‘Me vs Mother Nature’ on the Full Circle Part 1 EP that carry most interest here.

The former is a powerful track by one of Scotland’s fiercest performers, resonating with the (sadly still) ongoing Me Too movement. Megan’s passionate vocals, combined with poignant basslines, express anger and support for survivors, making a strong political statement while also standing out musically. The latter song, though mellower, emphasises the need for environmental awareness, presented in a unique and appealing manner. Megan plays Edinburgh’s Sneaky Petes on October 4th and Glasgow’s Slay on 21st October, headlining the Queenz Sounds Festival.

Me Vs Mother Nature {Official Music Video}

Theo Bleak dropped another taste of the Pain EP at the end of September and ‘I Look Like A Fool To You’ is still swimming between our ears. The guitar strums alongside pleading strings, a singer goes about her business beautifully, and all the while, a heart is breaking. It’s a tale as old as time and yet, when it’s delivered so well, no one is tired of it. This is a good one and there’s no reason the EP won’t be the same.

Rosie H Sullivan is also trailing an EP, with single ‘Only a Woman’ dropping on 6th October. This is livelier than Theo Bleak’s (while it’s not a competition), but both convey emotions that should strike chords across the land. The melodies are strong enough to drag you along, and while the section where it all kicks in wasn’t a surprise, it was a welcome addition. Charming, with a twist at the end, so stick with it.

Rosie H Sullivan – Only a Woman (Official Lyric Video)

As a change of pace and intent, ‘Holding Out’ by Hound is a great example of the more laid-back portion of indie-guitar pop. People are quick to apply the slacker label to acts like this, but anyone who creates a chorus that inspires movement and warmth knows how to get some work done from time to time. We’ll have less sunshine around these parts going forward, so why not have it on your PC, stereo or portable listening device to brighten your surroundings?

If that piques your interest, Hound head to McChuills on 20th October. For something with more bite and vigorous intent to do harm, the Noise EP Not Until Tomorrow Night stands up well.

Hound – Holding Out (Official Video)

Moving on, their album’s been out for a while, albeit missed by us due to Bits gap month because of the Fringe, so, it’s good to see a new video from Snows Of Yesteryear to give us a legitimate reason to cover them. ‘Bubbles Burst’ straddles the world of traditional folk and more commercial sound. They’re not alone in this – we’re blessed with so many acts in this field right now – but when it’s this pleasing, the more the merrier.

Bubbles Burst (Official Video)

Another August release of this ilk that’s worth doubling back to is ‘Lifeguard’ by Kirsteen Harvey, although that might expose the fact that we’re no longer able to differentiate between folk and country. No matter the genre, it’s a lovely song.

Kirsteen Harvey – Lifeguard (Official Visualiser)

We thought we missed the release of Katie Macfarlane’s debut album, An Nighean Sheunta (The Enchanted Girl), but it’s now scheduled for an October release. This is an enchanting blend of language, culture and traditions from various parts of Europe that will feel at home with many households. 

And while it’s okay to look back, time’s arrow only marches forward, so it’s with an October release we shall end this month’s missive. The Sisters EP by Pippa Blundell is out on the 13th, and it’s a touching and inspiring tribute to the women in her life. And ours. There’s never a bad time to get a reminder of that.

Pippa Blundell – sisters

All being well, see you in November, although the clocks will be back before we are! This time of the year is all about change, and that’s not something everyone handles well: so remember, you’ve done this so many times before and will again.

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