Album Review: Blushing Brydes – The Breaking in our Hearts

Blushing Brydes Album

‘You have a way of crushing me, that makes me believe in love’

Chances are that you have read thousands of sentences in the last 24 hours (Chinese for tea? Oot of bog roll. PM LICKS MUD) but I would be more than surprised if any come close to the one up there.

The line above is actually a perfect summary of The Breaking in our Hearts.  It lovingly cradles tear inducing lows within goosebump inducing highs. Lyrically it’s beautifully written, and bloody sad at times: tales of lost loves, requited and unrequited loves – all the things which cause your heart to shudder nervously or look down towards your boots. 

Musically, it couldn’t contrast more: euphoric synths, poppy, memorable vocal melodies, glorious guitar work, and tracks naturally building peak after peak of life affirming aceness. 

If you are looking for a genre, I guess I would call it dreampop. Blushing Brydes could be the ones writing the Technicolor soundtrack for my wee, grey dreams.

The Breaking In Our Hearts came out Friday on Iffy Folk Records

Reviewed by Peter Clarkin

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