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The Lovely Eggs – La Belle Angele, Edinburgh – 24th May 2024 (live review)

Lancaster duo Holly Ross and David Blackwell, married and committed to their lo-fi psychedelic punk, took to the stage at Edinburgh’s La Belle Angele with their DIY mentality and tales of broken fridges, and extensive merch table to promote new LP Eggsistentialism.

The Lovely Eggs, as we all know them, are expressive, and their shows are lined with sparkle and autonomy (they put out their own albums on Egg Records, naturally), doing things they way they want to, and that absolutely comes across in Edinburgh’s venue that is so hidden we walked past it twice. 

With David on drums, and Holly on guitar and vocals, they are as stripped-down a punk band as they come, but still with the capacity to create a great deal of sound, which was warmly received by the crowd. With a fanbase that was keen to move and give the gig their all, the band were just as energetic on stage. Holly’s ability to commandeer the stage and kick her leg up relentlessly throughout the gig was more than impressive. 

Promoting the LP,  out in May, much of the set list stemmed from there but was peppered with some of their older tracks such as the humorous and surreal ‘Magic Onion’ and the more cynical ‘Fuck It’. Eggciting and cooking with scuzzy psychedelia, The Lovely Eggs couldn’t have chosen a better venue for their Edinburgh gig – La Belle was the perfect DIY venue for this great-time punk gig. 

Eggsistentialism came out on 17 May, via Egg Records

Photo Credit: Darren Andrews

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