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The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler at The Dundee Rep

Directed by Irene Macdougall, the renowned ubiquitous play written by Eve Ensler, The Vagina Monologues, has come to the Dundee Rep for just over a week to fill the auditorium with tears; tears of laughter, sheer joy and tears for the hard-hitting, harrowing tales. Emotive like a punch in the gut, The Vagina Monologues explores the unheard stories of orgasm, mutilation, violence, assault and shame, as we listen to the tales of women and their vaginas. 

The award-winning play has been brought to life with a distinctly Scottish twist by the Dundee Rep by the cast, starring Maureen Carr (Still Game), Joyce Falcone (River City), and Laura Lovemore (James IV: Queen of the Fight). As they each take turns to deliver the monologues they will have you screaming like you never screamed before. You will howl of laughter as you hear stories from women in abundance, whilst also giving food for thought with intermittent facts and woeful tales that open up exploration of issues like assault and mutilation. Carr’s delivery of ‘My Vagina Is My Village’ throws you into a place of dark discovery, whilst her performance of orgasmic sounds will bring you back to a place of hilarity; getting that balance between the hard-hitting and the humorous. 

Credit: Tommy Ga-Ken Wan

These accounts of real experiences are given raw matter with the performances by Carr, Lovemore and particularly Falconer (even if just for that Buddhist Zen orgasm). It will feel impossible to leave the auditorium with all the other women without feelings of liberation.

The Vagina Monologues runs at the Dundee Rep till Sat 29th April

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