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Helicon, God Intentions: Review

If you’re naming an album with colossal intent, you must back it up with music that moves people. On God Intentions, Helicon deliver on the lofty promise they’ve always hinted at, with a classic psychedelic rock record that deserves to thrust beyond its intended audience.

‘Heliconia’ is an astounding piece of work: it is pounding, driving, elevated by the wails of guest vocalist Lavinia Blackwell. It’s the psych song of dreams, which soars and drags every listener along in its slipstream. ‘Zen Roller’ adds more of a danceable groove, with moments of genuine exhilaration and joy on offer. ‘Whiplash’, as the name suggests, is no slouch either.

The quieter moments of reflection, such as ‘Disobey’ and the title track, balance the record, creating a robust body of work for every mood and outlook. Each fresh listen uncovers something new, making this an album to return to time and again.

God Intentions is out now on Fuzz Club Records. Check out our interview with Helicon here.

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