5 star Fringe Review – The Bible 2 (Plus a Cure For Shame, Violence, Betrayal and Athletes Foot) Live! 

Crystal_Rasmussen Fringe

If it’s already been a long fringe and you need a pick me up then Crystal Rasmussen is there for you, to fill you – every hole of you – with love.

The Bible 2 (Plus a Cure For Shame, Violence, Betrayal and Athletes Foot) Live! tells the story of her own journey to accepting shame and queer love, revealing both the heartbreaking moments and hilarious sexcapades of her queer awakening and self-acceptance. With breathtaking vocals, a sensuality that few could create and a story which tugs the heartstrings and too many laughs to count; Crystal will take you on a journey which ends in joy.


From the hour, it’s hard to choose a favourite moment, there are so many highlights. What has remained with me the most are the sultry vocals, the sensual/absurd bath in a paddling pool – followed by a scrupulous drying off – risk ‘assessment’, Crystal cheekily explains, and the honest storytelling from Crystal’s bible – her life, the ups and downs of what it means to embrace yourself and remove shame.

It’s a show which is as refreshing as it is entertaining, it’s not to be missed.

You can find Crystal at the Underbelly, Cowgate at 17.50 (18.50) most nights, in all her glamorous glory.

5 Stars *****


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