Album Review: Broken Chanter – Catastrophe Hits

album release catastrophe hits

One of the finest traits someone can have is to be uplifting and happy for others, even when all around appears to be turning to shit. Catastrophe Hits by Broken Chanter might be an album created during the pandemic, but it’s not an album mired in these times.

The blistering start offered by ‘Dancing Skeletons’ sets the tone, and we’re off and running as much as the track’s video. People need pop music and a belief that things are going to get better – one of the themes bubbling throughout the record.

For those of who enjoyed the act’s debut album, there are still moments of reflectiveness and thoughtfulness, but on the whole, there’s a lot more fun. 

Given what we’ve all been through, combining thoughtfulness and optimism is probably the best stance to have, and you’re perfectly at home with the slices of triumph and catastrophe found here.

Catastrophe Hits is released on 29th October on Olive Grove Records and LNFG

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