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Single review: Midnight Ambulance – 5AM

Midnight Ambulance have got the blue lights on, speeding to another sonic emergency, and dropping off this excellent track. Complete with soft, floaty, often spoken vocals, these are set against a dark and brooding sound.

Hot off the back of their excellent debut single ‘Black Gloves’, which was released back in March, ‘5AM’ sounds like a dream gone wrong: starting off simply creepy, and growing to become a full-blown nightmare by the end.

‘5AM’ offers a reflection on those times of sitting up, waiting for someone to come home, and the perceived righteousness of doing the right thing, leading to inevitable anger and disappointment. This idea is reflected in the track’s structure: there’s a backdrop of a climbing, menacing instrumental, which at around the halfway mark delivers the listener unto hell, with loud shredding guitar sounds that create a dark, consuming soundscape.

‘5AM’ is out from 11th June

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