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Single Review: Majesty Palm – Self Control

With the Scottish music scene in 2022, there’s no denying how many new and emerging acts deliver brilliant bedroom bangers. This is where the talent and innovation in the scene lie right now. With just a handful of tracks, Majesty Palm deserves their spot in any reckoning or run-down of what’s happening now.

Perhaps 2023 will be the year it all takes off, going from the bedroom to the dancefloor in significant numbers, but even if not, don’t worry. In ‘Self Control’, Cameron Robertson and Olivia McCosh have crafted a slow-build and big-payoff track that will swirl around in your mind for some time.

The ethereal backing inches forward to something far more exciting, and as the first mention of having ‘no self control’ kicks in, the up-tempo beats and impetus to move overwhelm you. It doesn’t look back from there, and self-reflection has rarely sounded as shimmering or infectious.

‘Self Control’ is out now.

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