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Album Review: Lizabeth Russo – While I Sit And Watch This Tree – Volume 2

A lot has changed since 2020, but if anything, that means we crave familiarity and consistency all the more.

Lizabett Russo returns with the second volume of While I Sit and Watch this Tree, and it’s just as beguiling as the first.

No matter the wide range of instruments on display here, the most impressive feature is the artist’s voice. At times, the ‘powerfully versatile’ description on her website seems to be a woeful underplay of the capabilities Lizabett harnesses.

‘Dincolo de nori’ is uplifting, stirring strings supporting yet not overpowering the lead attraction. ‘Woman, have you lost your mind’ sees the singer warbling over muted yet emotive electronic pulses. Overall, it’s an unsettling collection in that you can never take it for granted.

The left turns jar initially, but as songs reveal themselves, a mysterious landscape unfolds, and ‘What grows inside dark souls’ is an excellent example of this. There are lighter moments of reflection and beauty, but the contrast will compel listeners to return.

With Scottish shows between the 4th and 12th of November, you might catch Lizabett in person if you move quickly. If not, sit back and settle in for a fully immersive and utterly engaging experience.

While I Sit And Watch This Tree – Volume 2 is out now on LNFG

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