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Single Review: Fright Years – Warning Signs

Edinburgh’s Fright Years have caught our attention this year with the pulsating ‘Every Weekend’ and ‘Another Life’, which prowled with a purpose. Their good run of form continues with ‘Warning Signs’, a song that musically fits neatly with the changing seasons.

The initial tempo drops (much like the recent temperature around us), but it creates breathing room for the band to showcase another side.

The dreamlike song gently builds, taking you so much by surprise that by the time the inevitable instrumental break comes in, it’s a pleasant surprise, even if it’s a hugely familiar trope.

Fright Years make things feel fresh, which is no mean feat when wrestling with topics like failing relationships and taking responsibility. The more the band drip-feed tunes, the more there is to like, and this shimmering piece carries an almost hallucinatory tone.

2022 is shaping up to be a good one for the band, but there’s more than enough today to embrace Fright Years.

‘Warning Signs’ is out now

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