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Album Review: Mogwai – As the Love Continues

In a fractured and failing world, it’s important to find consistency and quality. 25 years on from their debut single, it’s hard to argue against Mogwai being regarded as one of the finest Scottish acts of all time.

As The Love Continues is another robust and reliable album, but the chinks of light you associate with the group here become a barrage of warmth. ‘Here We, Here We, Here We Go Forever’, ‘Ritchie Sacramento’, ‘Supposedly, We Were Nightmares’, and ‘Ceiling Granny’ flourish, but there’s not a mis-step on the record.

‘Midnight Flit’ and ‘Pat Stains’ deliver the classic Mogwai quiet-loud combo, but it’s the melodies that pull you through, and will nag away at you when you’ve walked away to focus on other things.

We need tunes more than ever, and the lads have turned up on time with a bag of cans and the musical hope you need. Cheers!

As The Love Continues is released on 19th February via Rock Action

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