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Single Review: Post Coal Prom Queen – Salt

‘Salt’ emerges into existence with an ominous sci-fi horror synth. Something is amiss. PCPQ (née L-Space) often imagine a present and future that appears uncontrollable – something to be mentally survived by means of detachment and observation. With ‘Salt’, it’s a feeling of creeping environmental anxiety that comes with reflecting on our current global warming trajectory which must be endured. Ice sheets slip, cold bites at feet, water creeps, and ways of life are left behind.

In a way, it’s a very typical track for the duo: Lily’s mournful but soothing whisper, their crisp beats and retro-futuristic synths, are all in play. They crystallize a vivid miniature world as delicate as a snowglobe in just under three minutes; like any great short story, this rapidly assembled universe lingers in the mind long after listening.

‘Salt’ is out now via the band’s Bandcamp

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