Single Review: Victoria Sponge – Talk About Tonight

‘Talk About Tonight’ is a perfect slice of ear-catching attitude-laden indie rock. This is the second track from Glasgow-based Victoria Sponge’s October EP Filthy Pure. Lead singer Chris Irvine’s vocals lend a certain swagger to the track, whilst the band have proven once again that they can create a pretty decent melody.

With each new track, Victoria Sponge seem to be evolving their sound, and as a result it’s hard to pigeonhole them into one particular genre – and why would we want to, eh?

This track leans heavily into some aggressive guitar riffs and furious drumming, whereas previous track ‘Commonplace’ sat comfortably with a sound not dissimilar to early Arctic Monkeys. Definitely crowd-pleasing, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to imagine a crowd nodding to ‘Talk About Tonight’ at, say, King Tut’s. The ominous opening chords offer hints of The Smiths, whilst the lyrics offer plenty of angst and rebellion.

‘Talk About Tonight’ is out now

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