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Album review: Nyx Nótt – Themes From

Aidan Moffat has never been one to follow a script. From his debauched personal/social commentary as frontman of Arab Strap, and his misery-wracked alt-folk with Bill Wells, to his recent, heavily processed electronic beat making with James Graham as Gentle Sinners, he is a man who has always been more than comfortable forging his own path.

Back with a second record under his Nyx Nótt moniker, Themes From, he again proves himself a uniquely talented musician and producer, regardless of the style he turns his hand to. Originally loosely conceived as an idea to record twenty 90-second TV themes, the album was trimmed down to just eight instrumental pieces.

Far from losing any of his vision, he has expanded upon it, with each track playing out like a mini movie that requires none of the visual stimuli.
‘Tearjerker’, with its lofty string crescendos, solitary piano keys, and twinkling synths, will pull at the hardest of hearts, while the closer ‘Actioner’ contains all the pace and suspense of a late-night thriller.

Cleverly composed, expertly executed, and with the ability to absorb your full attention, on Themes From, Moffat has managed to make an album of instrumentals that refuse to fade into the background.

Themes From is out 2nd December via Melodic Records

By: Craig Howieson

Picture credit: Self-portrait

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